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Riyadh International Center "to join the Arab Union for Exhibitions and Convention 13 -08- 2018

Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center announced that it has joined the Arab Union for International Exhibitions and Conferences.
 "This is a new addition to the development and change phase that has been launched at the center extensively this year," said Khalid Bin Abdullah Al Zahrani, CEO of Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center. "These membership facilitates rapid exchange of experiences and continuous communication with various stakeholders in this vital sector. Economic development of the various countries of the world, and we will activate the use of this membership through the best practices in the activity of exhibitions and industry events, and excellence in the organization and attract various groups to attend
The Arab Union for International Exhibitions and Conferences is one of the specialized specialized Arab federations operating within the framework of the Council of Arab Economic Unity and participates in meetings and conferences held within the League of Arab States and Arab organizations and federations. The Union was founded in 1995 under the auspices of the League of Arab States. Cooperation with the Arab Union and the bodies involved under its membership and activating many activities that serve the joint work to promote exhibitions and industry events and apply the latest global practices to promote them.
 The Arab Union for International Exhibitions and Conferences aims at developing economic cooperation and increasing trade exchange between Arab countries by developing the industry of organizing exhibitions and international conferences in Arab countries, encouraging and supporting cooperation among various partners in this field, as well as facilitating exchange of views and information. Its activities in coordination with the concerned Arab organizations, notably the League of Arab States, the Council of Arab Economic Unity and the Arab Federation of Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture