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RICEC is a newly developed state of the art convention and exhibition facility designed to serve your business needs. Whether you are a Visitor, Exhibitor or an Event Organizer. Your visit to RICEC will make you feel that facilities are tailor made for you. In these pages you may find all the information that you are looking for. It will be our pleasure to welcome you at RICEC soon.

Commerce and Industry Chamber in Riyadh
Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and Industry:

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Riyadh was established in 1961 for patronage, protection and development of the private sector interests in the Riyadh region. This is done through an integrated set of services including:
* Provide information and data related to all activities of its registered enterprises and introducing available trade business both inside and outside the Kingdom.
* Investigate new investment fields and explore feasible investment opportunities
* Prepare specialized studies and researches, give advice on economic and legal issues. Resolve disputes on commercial matters. Clarify rules and regulations. Discuss the problems of enterprises and propose appropriate solutions there for.
* Organize training courses and qualification on the jobs required for the facilities
* Facilitate the participation of businessmen in exhibitions for National and international markets
* Issue of manuals and guiding leaflets on the activities of the private sector and National economy in general
* Develop an effective partnership with stakeholders to develop the economy of the Riyadh region.
* Improve and develop existing services of the COCI.
* Conduct Seminars and Conferences to discuss issues and developments of interests for businessmen and women.
* Develop economic relations for businessmen and arrange for their meetings with the visiting delegations to the Kingdom
* Authentication on commercial registrations, documents and editions of members.
* Reliance on Information Technology in the provision of services.
* Upgrade the standard of efficiency and productivity of employees.
* Participate in supporting social, scientific and public service in the Riyadh region
* Develop financial resources of the COCI.
* Support communications with members and reaction with Riyadh region and environment.