Welcome To
Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center - RICEC

RICEC is a newly developed state of the art convention and exhibition facility designed to serve your business needs. Whether you are a Visitor, Exhibitor or an Event Organizer. Your visit to RICEC will make you feel that facilities are tailor made for you. In these pages you may find all the information that you are looking for. It will be our pleasure to welcome you at RICEC soon.

Main Concourse

Integrated services supporting the different kinds of events are available in all facilities of RICEC, the concourse connects the four buildings on the West to the Main exhibition halls; and provide locations for:
• Reception office.
• Information.
• Organizers office.

Distinguished locations are allocated for registration & tickets sale along the main concourse. Registration process shall be smooth & beside entrances & exits to avoid crowdness. Further registration areas are available, if the organizer desires.



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