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Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center - RICEC

RICEC is a newly developed state of the art convention and exhibition facility designed to serve your business needs. Whether you are a Visitor, Exhibitor or an Event Organizer. Your visit to RICEC will make you feel that facilities are tailor made for you. In these pages you may find all the information that you are looking for. It will be our pleasure to welcome you at RICEC soon.

Mission, Prospective, and Objectives

Lead Conference and Exhibitions Industry in the Kingdom. Through distinguished and sophisticated services. In a modern updated exhibition center. Import state of the art of this industry to the Kingdom. Adopt new National generations and cadres capable of utilization of this industry in the Saudi economy.


Introduction of Exhibitions and Conferences industry in line with the size and the aspirations of the Saudi economy as one of the world influential economies.


1. Support efforts exerted to founds policies, rules, regulations, and legislations to support the establishment of trade fairs and conferences of high standards with the authorities.
2. Establish permanent strategic relationships with organizers of the exhibitions and conferences at both National and International levels.

3. Import required and continuous knowledge in order to develop the concepts of personnel working in the field of exhibitions and conferences.

4. Expansion of infrastructure for the Exhibitions and Conferences industry. Adopt applications and emerge modern technologies and incentives that serving this direction.

5. Support and increase revenues of the Center.

6. Continuous contact with businessmen and women to visit the exhibitions and conferences held at the center.

7. Coordinate and integrate with government agencies and public institutions for the growth of exhibitions and conferences industry.

8. Support and promote activities that serve environmental, charitable and humanitarian activities and tourism.

9. Cooperate with training associations, organizations, both National and International in the field of exhibitions and conferences industry.

10. Provide support services to conference and exhibitions industry.